National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure
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CNPIC - Partners Abroad

The CNPIC is in touch with a number of foreign organisations. Most of them are sister organisations, which are competent for critical infrastructure protection in their respective countries.

In the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) is competent for giving advice and providing help in security-related issues to all critical sectors in the country.

In the United States of America, the CNPIC is in touch with the Office of Infrastructure Protection (OIP) and with the Transport Security Agency (TSA), both of them within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The counterpart of the CNPIC in the Netherlands is the Platform for Cybersecurity (Platform voor Cybersecurity-CPNI-NL). The Ministries of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, of Traffic and Waterways, of Social Affairs, of Work Opportunities, of Economy and of Popular Constructions, Space and Environment are competent for CIP at sectoral level.

In Germany, the CNPIC´s interlocutor is the Ministry of the Interior, which gathers in the working party AG-KRITIS representatives of the Civil Protection and Aid in Case of Catastrophe, Technical Aid Works, and Information Technology Security Federal Bureaus.

The counterpart of the CNPIC in France is the Secretariat General of Defense and National Security (Secrétariat General de la Défense et la Sécurité Nationale - SGDSN), which hangs from the Prime Minister´s Cabinet.

In Argentina, the CNPIC is in touch with the National Bureau of Information Technologies (Oficina Nacional de tecnologías de la Información - ONTI).

At the level of international organisms, the CNPIC maintains relationships with the Organisation of American States (OAS-OEA), and specifically with its Inter-American Counterterrorism Committee (CICTE), mainly in CERT - related issues.

The CNPIC also takes part actively in the Meridian Forum, which promotes specific regulations, relationships and cooperation in the field of information critical infrastructures (ICI). As a result of taking part in this forum, the CNPIC is the Spanish Point of Contact for ICI-related issues at international level, as it is mentioned in the reports published after each annual conference held by the forum.

In the framework of the European Union, the CNPIC cooperates actively with the European Commission in three different fronts:

Firstly, attending meetings of the Working Party of Civil Protection (critical infrastructure protection expert subgroup). As an example, the "Directive of the European Council on the identification and designation of European Critical Infrastructures and the assessment of the need to improve their protection", adopted by the Justice and Interior Minister Council of the EU on 18 December 2008, was drawn up by this Working Party.

Secondly, the CNPIC takes part in events organised by the European Network and Information Security Agency. In the framework of critical infrastructures, the CNPIC acts as coordinating agency at a national level, proposing experts to take part in the meetings organised by ENISA and as Spanish Point of Contact for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP).

Finally, the CNPIC follows the evolution of the European Reference Network-Critical Infrastructure Protection (ERN-CIP), of the European Commission, the structure and procedures of which are being established by a preparatory group at the head quarter of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Ispra (Italy). This Network will allow benefiting from results of scientific - technical experiments related to critical infrastructure protection that will be carried out in a number of state-owned and private laboratories throughout the EU, with the objective of avoiding duplicity and unnecessary expenses.