National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure
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CNPIC - Which are the contents of the national strategic infrastructure catalogue?

The National Strategic Infrastructure Catalogue contains complete, updated, cross-checked and computer-arranged information on the specific characteristics of each of the strategic infrastructures in Spain. The Catalogue will be fed with information provided to the CNPIC by the owners/operators of the infrastructures and by the rest of agents responsible for the National CIP System.

Among other, data related to the description of the infrastructures, where they stand, who owns/operates them, services supplied, contact details, needed security level based on the assessed risks and all the information gathered by law enforcement, will be loaded into the system.

Coordinating all agents involved in CIP, both in the private and the public sectors with a view to elaborate the different planning instruments is one of the CNPIC´s main missions. In this line of work, the CNPIC has been working in order to implement the actual specific legislation and the national CIP strategy. In order to achieve this goal, a series of standards, action lines and good practice guides are been developed, with a view to share them with national strategic companies.

Within this line of collaboration among operators and the CNPIC, and with a view to facilitate and improve communication, the CNPIC is working in order to establish soon a permanent communication mechanism by means of a computer-based information system (HERMES Information System).

Strategic sector operators will be able to use this computer-based tool in order to adjust and implement their security countermeasures with the advice of the CNPIC and having at their disposal the information provided by law enforcement on developments, trends and changes in the ´modi operandi´ used by criminals and terrorists.

The operators designated as being critical will be able, through HERMES, to upload, access and modify the information related to the infrastructures they manage. In this way, a continuous information exchange system among operators and the CNPIC is established.