National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure
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CNPIC - What is the CNPIC?

The National Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CNPIC) is the ministerial organism in charge of enhancing the coordination and supervision of every activity for which the Secretariat of State for Security of the Ministry of the Interior is competent, as far as CIP in Spain is concerned.

Among others, the competences of the National Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CNPIC) are:

  • Assisting the Secretary of State for Security in the fulfillment of his/her functions in CIP-related matters, acting as contact point and coordinator for system agents.

  • Implementing and keeping updated the National Plan for Critical Infrastructure Protection.

  • Determining the criticality of the infrastructures included in the National Strategic Infrastructure Catalogue, updating and operationally maintaining the latter.

  • Directing and coordinating risk analyses carried out by specialized public or private organisms on each of the strategic sectors, in the framework of the Sectoral Strategic Plans.

  • Establishing the minimum contents for Operational Security Plans, Specific Protection Plans and Operational Support Plans, supervising their elaboration.

  • Assessing Operational Security Plans and proposing their approval, if that is the case, to the Secretary of State for Security.

  • Analyzing Specific Protection Plans drafted by critical owners/operators of national and/or European critical infrastructure and proposing their approval, if that is the case, to the Secretary of State for Security.

  • Validating the Operation Support Plans drafted for every critical infrastructure in Spain by State law enforcement, after reporting on them to the Governmental Delegations at the corresponding Autonomous Regions or to the Autonomous Regions with statutory competences on public security and protection of persons and goods.

  • Elevating to the Secretary of State for Security, or to the organ in whom he may delegate, the proposals for declaring zones as critical.

  • Implementing, under the general confidentiality principle, permanent information, alert and communication mechanisms, in agreement with every agent in the system.

  • Gathering, evaluating and analyzing the information on strategic infrastructures provided by public institutions, law enforcement, operators and international cooperation instruments, with a view to forwarding it to the National Antiterrorist Centre of the Ministry of the Interior and to other authorized organisms.

  • Taking part in organizing exercises and drills in the field of CIP.

  • Coordinating the works and the participation of experts in different working groups and meetings on CIP, at national and international level.

  • Being, in the field of CIP, the national Point of Contact for international organisms and the European Commission, and elevating to the latter, after consulting with the National Antiterrorist Coordination Centre, threat, vulnerability and risk assessments on each subsector in which European Critical Infrastructures will be identified, in the time limits and in the conditions established by the Directive.

  • Carrying out the actions deriving from the fulfillment of Directive 2008/114/CE, on behalf of the Secretariat of State for Security.

In this way, the CNPIC becomes, within the structure of the Secretariat of State for Security, the basic axe around which the National CIP System must turn.

In order to correctly run their functions, the CNPIC, as directing and coordinating organ for the whole System, maintains tight relations with other Public Administration departments at central and regional level such as public or privates companies that own/operate infrastructures.